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4K Milestone Achieved

Hello Buddies,

We have reached 4K follower milestone in FB mostly because of your support. A Big Thank you.

Please comment on this page your wishes, thoughts and even any requests for future content. We will get back to each one of you personally. We will also send across a gift delivered to your home address, if you are in India and if you are among first 25 who wishes or shares a message on this page during one week from today.

The BuddyTutor Team

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About Buddy Initiatives

We believe that knowledge is useless unless you share it; the more you share the more you learn. As part of Buddy Initiatives we share the knowledge we have acquired over years working in IT industry and also try to help students and job seekers in need.

You can also contribute along with us. If you would like to contribute, you are welcome too to spend time in sharing your knowledge with others through this platform, either by taking a session or just help clearing doubts during the session.

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Buddy Sundays - Free Technology Learning & Sharing

Buddy Sunday knowledge sharing program happens during afternoons of most Sundays unless we have some other unavoidable appointments or travel out of town for some work. But we still try to keep it for at least two weekends. These sessions are completely free.

Buddy Internship - Work And Learn With The BuddyTutor.com Team

You can help us and learn with us. There are various streams to chose from including Cloud, Big Data, Java & Frameworks, Web Development (Drupal and PHP) etc. We will also provide a decent pay. We thought this would provide an opportunity for students and job seekers to learn for free and also earn some pocket money until they get a job.

Use Buddy Points for Mobile Bill Pay, Mobile EMI, Laptop EMI and More

Are you a student or job seeker who is new to the city and looking for Job or having financial troubles? We are here to help. We can provide you with free courses and even essential financial support. Instead of wasting time in Facebook and let someone else earn, learn here for free. and earn cashable points for every activity you do. For instance, sharing an interview experience or asking doubts can get you points.

Buddy Connect - Essential Electronic Gadgets for Students and Job Seekers

IMPORTANT! This program is currently on HOLD due to lack of interest from donors and lack of available funds.

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