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Buddy Sunday knowledge sharing program happens during afternoons of most Sundays unless we have some other unavoidable appointments or travel out of town for some work. But we still try to keep it for at least two weekends. These sessions are completely free.

We have put a small restriction to know the people and their interests, before inviting to our home class rooms. The number of seats will be limited and will be selected on a first come basis from the active members of buddytutor.com (this website) or javajee.com (our java blog).

Please also note that Buddy Sunday's are currently only available at Bangalore, India. However, if you want us to give training in your college or a community outside of Bangalore (or even inside), please do let me know and we can plan accordingly. 

If you have any more doubts about the program or want to suggest a new topic, please do ask here as a comment so that it will help others too. You can also find about the upcoming topic and details also from the updates section.

Happy Learning & Sharing!!!

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I am interested . I have sent

I am interested . I have sent a whatsapp message on 9902440440.

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Thank you for your interest

Thank you for showing interest. 


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Interested in the programme

I am interested in the programme. I have sent a WhatsApp message. Please reply

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Thank you.

Thank you and welcome..

I am interested in the

I am interested in the programme. I have whatsapped.

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Thank you. 

Thank you and welcome.

Buddy Sundays - Free Technology Learning & Sharing | Buddy Tutor
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