Role Based Task Examples

Whatever we do through BuddyTutor is in some way related to education or open source. This is not an exclusive list of tasks that we do at BuddyTutor, but some of the popular ones that we have done before. Refer to the WFH page for descriptions and other details for these roles.

Role 1

  1. Compiling JavaJee Question Sets – Segregating questions from different JavaJee topics and preparing new question sets. Or else, if the questions are more on topics, then separate questions into multiple parts of the same topic. Finally upload quiz sets on
  2. Migrate Notes (Posts) from Website to Website – Need to migrate/move notes from one website to another with same structure without duplication. We have to be more careful when migrating notes as we might add same note multiple times.
  3. Book Details Entry on Website – Need to enter book information on website such as Author name, published date, book type, book contents (Table of contents), source book link, book cover page, etc.
  4. Moderating FB Pages – Daily need to look into each FB page assigned. Need to check member’s requests and confirm. And checking for any spam posts, if any post looks like spam check with leads and take further action on post and even member.

Role 2

  1. Study and practice the given notes and ask questions through website comments or mail as instructed.
  2. Watching Video Tutorials and Prepare Notes – Watching video tutorials and preparing notes without plagiarism. This is learning task, so you can concentrate more and learn the new concepts or platforms.

Role 3

  1. Preparing Recipes/Quizzes based on given topic – Need to research and study about specific topic given by leads, and prepare new notes without plagiarism.
  2. Testing Website Contents – Need to test Books (A book has multiple sub posts like topics, so we need to go each and every post/topic inside book to read and find out mistakes), Website Posts (These are Individual – Read and find out any spelling mistakes, code mistakes, image mistakes, etc.). Example sites:
  3. Review Books – Need to practice each and every recipe in the book chapters and find out if anything mentioned wrong in the book like spelling mistake, code mistake, image mistake (means not suitable to contents), or topics/concept with less detailed information, etc. Example book:
  4. Website Development – Develop websites using different platforms such as Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Moodle. For example, I have created an online store website with Magento platform (as it is only used for e-commerce websites) . Also created some test websites to get experience in mentioned platforms. Also we need some basic code experience in JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. Following are our live websites on above mentioned platforms:
    1. WordPress –
    1. Drupal –
    1. Magento –

Role 4

  1. Role 3 + managing others, tracking their progress, conducting meetings etc.