5 Free Courses To Take Your Career To The Next Level

Whether you are a student or a job seeker with some experience, one of these courses will help you go forward in your career. Click here to see all course. Continue reading to see the preferred learning order.

1. English Language Essentials

This course aims to help you understand English language better and make you a better communicator. If you are looking for data entry jobs or want to migrate to an English speaking country, having a better knowledge of English and good communication skills are necessary.

2. Mathematics Essentials

This course will help you understand essential mathematical concepts such as Logarithms that are needed for engineers.

3. Essential Engineering Subjects

This course aim to help you learn essential engineering concepts from subjects including Operating Systems, Computer Networks and Engineering Mathematics.

4. Java Programming, Data Structures and System Design

To become a programmer you need to learn a programming language along with knowledge of data structures and design skills. This course aims to help you in those areas. Currently we support only Java programming language.

AWS Cloud Essentials

Cloud computing is the future of IT. In this course you will learn about AWS Cloud. We will also learn latest trends in cloud computing such as serverless computing.

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You may take one or all of these courses as per your interests and needs. All courses are free for the needy students and job seekers.