About Buddy Initiatives

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We believe that knowledge is useless unless you share it; the more you share the more you learn. As part of Buddy Initiatives we share the knowledge we have acquired over years working in IT industry and also try to help students and job seekers in need.

When Heartin & Sneha decided to buy an own house in Bangalore, their priority was to have an additional room for knowledge sharing purposes. Apart from Heartin & Sneha few of their friends and former students are also part of this initiative.

You can also contribute along with us. If you would like to contribute, you are welcome too to spend time in sharing your knowledge with others through this platform, either by taking a session or just help clearing doubts during the session.

Most classes conducted for students and job seekers from our own home class rooms are free. However, when classes are conducted in outside venues, the cost of classroom is shared among students. However, when we have funds available we bear that expenses as well.

This is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT initiative. Heartin and Sneha are still working in MNC companies as full time employees and spend time on these activities only on weekends. On weekdays, the site and activities will be maintained by student or job seeker interns

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Happy Learning & Sharing!!!