Buddy Connect - Essential Electronic Gadgets for Students and Job Seekers

IMPORTANT! This program is currently on HOLD due to lack of interest from donors and lack of available funds.

Buddy Connect is an initiative from BuddyTutor.com to help students and job seekers to obtain essential electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops for free or for cheaper rates. Gadgets such as Whatsap enabled mobile phones can help people connect faster with each other and know about the job opportunities faster. A decent laptop to practice the skills they are learning is also important. 

Students or job seekers who are new to the city (currently only Bengaluru) and who can't afford to pay the money for these, can contact us and we will try to help you, based on fund availability. We usually keep aside 10 percent of our earnings to give back to society, charity and spiritual needs. Apart from that we will also use a part of the ad revenue from this site, after taking care of the hosting and domain management expenses. 

We do not take any commission or profit out of these activities, but just trying to help. Availability of funds may also depend upon our current account balance. If you are a professional and have an old mobile or laptop, please think about contributing to a person in need for free or for a discounted rate. Please get in touch with us for details. If you do not have any issues, we will also publish your details in out hall of fame page.

Please note that we also provide free training and systems to experiment, along with internet for interested job seekers and students. Please check out other buddy news posts.


How to Apply for Buddy Connect

  1. You need to be a a student or job seeker who does not have a proper mobile phone or laptop, and an active member of BuddyTutor.com. For certain schemes, you can/have to redeem your points at BuddyTutor.com. 

  2. If you feel a proper mobile phone or laptop can help you in your career, please do let us know. We will try to provide them for free or pay your emi, or help you get it from another professional who want to sell it for a discounted rate.