Buddy Internship - Work And Learn With The BuddyTutor.com Team

You can help us and learn with us. There are various streams to chose from including Cloud, Big Data, Java & Frameworks, Web Development (Drupal and PHP) etc. We will also provide a decent pay. We thought this would provide an opportunity for students and job seekers to learn for free and also earn some pocket money until they get a job.

Along with learning any of the technology areas you like, you will be helping us in the activities required for maintaining the website including doing R&D on new technologies, notes preparation, aadministration of the site, moderation of the contents within the site etc. You may also write blogs under our guidance and share it with your interviewers. 

Apart from basic pay, a part of the ad revenue is also shared between active interns of the website. The other part of ad revenue is used for website maintenance. We do not aim to take profit out of this site as long as we have regular jobs other than this website. 


Why this initiative?

  1. We would like to extend a helping hand to students and job seekers who can't afford a fee, or want a helping hand until they find a job.

  2. We are working professionals who work only on weekends on this website, and need more support for maintaining our websites on weekdays.


How to apply

If interested, please complete your profile and comment on this page. We will contact you back on the email and/or contact number. You may also contact us through Whatsapp.

I am interested in this

I am interested in this opportunity. I have also updated my profile.