Use Buddy Points for Mobile Bill Pay, Mobile EMI, Laptop EMI and More

Are you a student or job seeker who is new to the city and looking for Job or having financial troubles? We are here to help. We can provide you with free courses and even essential financial support. Instead of wasting time in Facebook and let someone else earn, learn here for free. and earn cashable points for every activity you do. For instance, sharing an interview experience or asking doubts can get you points.

The points based evaluation will also help us understand your interest and level of commitment to learn and help others. The points can then be used to do courses, or for mobile recharges, mobile bill reimbursements, mobile EMIs, laptop EMIs etc. Only criteria is that you should be a member of this site (it is free to register) and should be interested to learn and help others. 

For details, please watsapp your username to any of the numbers given on the right sidebar. In case, you are not in Whatsapp, you may contact us through the contact form or the Facebook page. Also, please note that this offer is applicable to only India.