Key Terms and Concepts in Software Engineering

An architect needs to have a good breadth and depth of technical knowledge. This book will contain quick definitions to important technical terms and concepts that an aspirant software architect needs to know, which will help you to improve your breadth of knowledge. You may follow the links to learn deeper if you want.

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Tips For Good Creating Good Software Architecture

These are some tips and tricks I could gather (and continuing to gather) for ceating good software architecture.

  1. Always look for achieving software quality attributes: extensibility, maintainability, agility, performance, scalability, standards based and feasibility.

  2. The architecture should be feasible enough to get implemented within the time and budget. Worlds best architectures are not the perfect ones, but the feasible ones.

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Tips For Becoming a Good Software Architect

These are some tips and tricks I could gather (and continuing to gather) to be a good software architect:

  1. An architect should have a very good depth and breadth of knowledge of technologies.

    1. Depth denotes the expertise in some technologies.

      1. Depth or expertise in certain technologies or processes will allow you to design and develop quality systems that is scalable, secure and perform well.

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Check Your Understanding of Microservices Architecture

Ask yourself below questions and check your understanding of microservices architecture.

  1. What are microservices?

  2. How do you manage transactions in microservices? What happens if a service fails?

  3. How do you monitor microservices?

  4. How do you debug microservices?

  5. How do different services communicate with each other in a microservice based architecture?