AWS Certifications

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Important Notes on AWS Services (Exam Tips)

Free AWS Services

Note that the services themselves are free, but the resources they create or use may be chargeable.

  • AutoScaling

  • ElasticBeanstalk

  • CloudFormation

  • VPC

Open Question: Add more services that are similarly free (if any).

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Amazon EC2 Policies & Features (Exam Tips)

Quick updates on policies and features that was not discussed in other pages.


Uptime SLA

AWS will use commercially reasonable efforts to make Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS each available with a Monthly Uptime Percentage (defined below) of at least 99.95%.


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AWS Developer Associate Certification Quick Overview

Certification Home:

Exam Blueprint:


Services Mention (Explicitely) In BluePrint

  1. Amazon Simple Storage Services (S3)

  2. Amazon DynamoDB