AWS Management Services

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AWS CloudFormation Overview

CloudFormation gives an easy way to create a collection of related AWS resources and provision them in an orderly and predictable way. CloudFormation automates and simplifies the task of repeatedly and predictably creating groups of related resources.

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AWS CloudTrail Overview

AWS CloudTrail is a service that enables governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of your AWS account.

With CloudTrail, you can log, continuously monitor, and retain events related to API calls across your AWS infrastructure. CloudTrail provides a history of AWS API calls for your account, including API calls made through the AWS Management Console, AWS SDKs, command line tools, and other AWS services. This history simplifies security analysis, resource change tracking, and troubleshooting.


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AWS Elastic Beanstalk Overview

AWS Elastic Beanstalk is an easy-to-use service for deploying and scaling web applications. You simply upload your code and Elastic Beanstalk automatically handles the deployment, from capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling to application health monitoring. You still retain full control over the AWS resources powering your application and can access the underlying resources at any time.


Important Points (Exam Tips)

  1. There is no additional charge for Elastic Beanstalk - you pay only for the AWS resources that is creates.

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Cloud Formation Template Anatomy

A template is a JSON- or YAML-formatted text file that describes your AWS infrastructure. Example template for an EC2 instance in a security group is available here.


Template Sections

  1. Format Version (optional)