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[Lab] Creating and Setting up AWS Account

As of writing this note, AWS provides a free tier account for 12 months. Not all service may be free, but most services are free for decent usage. For example, you can use EC2 and RDS for 750 hours per month, 5GB of free S3 storage etc. There are also some services, which are free after the free tier trial period, but may be within certain limits. All free tier details are available at

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AWS Security Credentials - Basics

The type of security credentials to use, depend on how we interact with AWS - Management Console or tools such as CLI or SDKs. For instance, signon credentials created during account creation is used to login to the admin console, whereas access credentials are used along with APIs and tools.


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AWS Regions, Availability Zones, Region Endpoints and Edge Locations

AWS is available through multiple locations world-wide. An AWS region is a distinct geographical region that has AWS infrastucture with with separate power sources and internet connectivity. Availability Zones are isolated data centres within each region and has their own power source and cooling, insulating it from failures within other zones. While regions communicate through internet, AZs communicate through AWS high speed network.


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Different Ways to Interact With AWS – Management Console, CLI, SDKs

You can interact with various AWS services through different tools such as the AWS Management Console, Command Line Interface and SDKs.


AWS Management Console

AWS Management Console is the web-based interface to all services. AWS Management console allows you to manage all services through an intuitive GUI.

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Introduction to AWS - Benefits and Examples

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and is Amazon's cloud computing platform for public. AWS provides a range of web services, to be used over the network, that can scale and is mostly on a pay-per-use model. There is also a free tier available for anyone to get started with AWS.



Below are some of the benefits of AWS:

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[Lab] Setting Billing Alarm Before Getting Your Hands Dirty With AWS

AWS provides a free tier for one year. Just do a simple google search to get the link. To avail the free tier, you need to add your credit card details and the card will not be charged for using services as per the free tier agreement.

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Popular Cloud and On-Premise Data Repositories

An repository is an easy way to deploy a secondary tier of data storage that can comprise multiple, networked data storage technologies running on diverse operating systems. A repository may be internal and stored on premise or cloud based repositories. 


General Repositories


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Cloud Service Models - IaaS, PaaS and SaaS

Cloud service models are generally classified based on the type of resources shared, as SaaS (stands for Software as a Service), PaaS (stands for Platform as a Service) and IaaS (stands for Infrastructure as a Service).

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Need and Importance of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is a business model that enable on-demand network access to a shared pool of resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimum manual effort.  The shared pool of resources may include servers, platforms, storage, applications and services, and the technologies such as server virtualization may be used for provisioning.