Personal Thoughts

My personal thoughts that are related to career, technology, processes etc. which is not be a note to learn, but a thought to think about. 


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Home Minister - A Service/Tool To Learn While Helping Ourself

Keeping track of all daily and monthly expenses at home, paying utility bills on time, paying EMIs and keeping track of your savings goals, is usually done by the lady of the house, who is also referred to as “home minister” by some. Even though the male in the house help or even does all these, still the reminder usually comes from the “home minister”. Most importantly, myself and my wife are bit on the lazier side when it comes to repetitive tasks.

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A Break to Relax, Learn and Grow

I recently saw a story in Facebook where a wood cutter starts working for a person. In the first day he gets 18 trees and says that he will try more to get more trees. However, as days passes by he gets less and less trees, even though he works harder and harder. Finally, when he is about to give up, the manager asks him when he has last sharpened his knife. Yes, you need to relax, learn new technologies, and even relearn and research on things you already know.