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Vxml question and answer bank set 3

1. What are prompt counter?

An input item and the <initial> item of a mixed-initiative form have a prompt counter that lets you play different prompts if the user revisits the item several times. For example, you may want to play shorter descriptions after the first or second time the user is prompted for the same information. The prompt counters are reset on each form invocation.

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Vxml question and answer bank set 2

1. What is an application root document? How do you specify the application root documrnt for a vxml application?

A VoiceXML application consists of one or more documents. Any multi document application has a single application root document. Each document in an application identifies the application root document with the application attribute of the <vxml> tag:

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Vxml question and answer bank set 1

  1. What is voice xml?

    1. VoiceXML is a declarative, XML-based language markup language for writing telephone-based speech applications. Users call applications by telephone. They listen to spoken instructions and questions; they provide input using the spoken word and the touchtone keypad.

  2. What does a VoiceXML interpreter do?

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Important concepts in vxml

These are some of the frequently asked questions during VXML interviews. Most questions here are copied from our initial vxml website (vxmlfaq.com) FAQ page compiled mainly by Sheeba. This page will also contain user submissions which might not be verified in all cases; hence if you find any mistake or issues with the answers, please do contact us and we will make necessary changes.

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Structure and basic elements of a vxml documents

Here you will find a small introduction to some of the important concepts of the vxml language like strutcture of a vxml document, application and application root document, dialogs, forms, subdialogs, session, grammars, events, links and utterance.

Structure of a VXML document

The <vxml> tag is the root tag of a vxml application. Basic structure of a VXML document is as follows:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

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Vxml general architecture

There are three major components in general vxml architecture: a web server, the VoiceXML interpreter context, and the implementation platform. 

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History and major design goals of vxml

The origins of VoiceXML began in 1995 as an XML-based dialog design language intended to simplify the speech recognition application development process within an AT&T project called Phone Markup Language (PML). 

As AT&T reorganized, teams at AT&T, Lucent and Motorola continued working on their own PML-like languages. 

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What is VXML?

VoiceXML is a XML based markup language used to create voice applications. VXML is used along with ECMASCRIPT for performing various functions. ECMAScript is a standard scripting language based on JavaScript. In normal cases you will never find the difference, except in the name. The VXML language provides means for collecting character and/or spoken input, assigning the input results to document-defined request variables, and making decisions that affect the interpretation of documents written in the language.