About Buddy Initiatives

We believe that knowledge is useless unless you share it; the more you share the more you learn. As part of Buddy Initiatives we share the knowledge we have acquired over years working in IT industry and also try to help students and job seekers in need.

When Heartin & Sneha decided to buy an own house in Bangalore, their priority was to have an additional room for knowledge sharing purposes. Apart from Heartin & Sneha few of their friends and former students are also part of this initiative.

Buddy Sundays - Free Technology Learning & Sharing

Buddy Sunday knowledge sharing program happens during afternoons of most Sundays unless we have some other unavoidable appointments or travel out of town for some work. But we still try to keep it for at least two weekends. These sessions are completely free.

Buddy Paid Internship - Work And Learn With The BuddyTutor.com Team

We are looking for interns who can learn from us and also work along with us. There are various streams to chose from including Cloud, Big Data, Java & Frameworks, Web Development (Drupal and PHP) etc. We thought this would provide an opportunity for students and job seekers to learn for free as well as earn some pocket money until they get a job.

Presentation on Cloud Integrated IOT and Rule Engine at Women Who Code Connect India 2017

We did a demo and presentation on the topic Cloud Integrated Rule Engine at Women Who Code Connect India 2017. This presentation was different from my previous sessions for two reasons. First, I was not the primary speaker, but was mentoring a team member who was going on stage for the first time. I also presented along with her and did the demo. Helping someone to talk is much more challenging that just talk on your own. Second, this was an event exclusively for the wonderful ladies across India.

Women's Day Special - Free Courses With Free Mentor

On the occasion of the Women's day, we have decided to extend our free learning Buddy Sunday program, even on non Sundays, to women. You can also get a women mentor to guide you, if you request. You can also attend regular trainings on various technologies with almost complete discount. To avail this, you need to register for this offer within 3 months of Women's day (June 8th, 2017).

Use Buddy Points for Mobile Bill Pay, Mobile EMI, Laptop EMI and More

Are you a student or job seeker who is new to the city and looking for Job or having financial troubles? We are here to help. We can provide you with free courses and even essential financial support. Instead of wasting time in Facebook and let someone else earn, learn here for free. and earn cashable points for every activity you do. For instance, sharing an interview experience or asking doubts can get you points.

A Break to Relax, Learn and Grow

I recently saw a story in Facebook where a wood cutter starts working for a person. In the first day he gets 18 trees and says that he will try more to get more trees. However, as days passes by he gets less and less trees, even though he works harder and harder. Finally, when he is about to give up, the manager asks him when he has last sharpened his knife. Yes, you need to relax, learn new technologies, and even relearn and research on things you already know.

Session in the Software Craftsmanship Meetup on the Topic SOLID Principles and Design Patterns

I was one of the two speakers for the Software Craftsmanship meetup on 20 August 2016. I spoke on the topic 'SOLID Principles and Design Patterns'. The other speaker was Ganesh Samarthyam who is the co-author of OCP Java 8 Exam Prepatation book and few other books.

Read more about the meetup @ http://www.meetup.com/Software-Craftsmanship-Bangalore-Meetup/events/230....

Buddy Connect - Essential Electronic Gadgets for Students and Job Seekers

Buddy Connect is an initiative from BuddyTutor.com to help students and job seekers to obtain essential electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and laptops for free or for cheaper rates. Gadgets such as Whatsap enabled mobile phones can help people connect faster with each other and know about the job opportunities faster. A decent laptop to practice the skills they are learning is also important.