About Us

At, we believe that knowledge is useless unless you share it and the more you share the more you learn. is an initiative from Heartin Kanikathottu along with his wife Sneha, friends and well wishers to help students and job seekers achieve their dreams.

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I have gone through many ups and downs in my career. Apart from God’s amazing grace, many people around me has also helped me from time to time in moving forward. BuddyTutor is one of my humble ways to pay back to the society. Me and my wife decided to keep some part of our salaries in helping others making use of some time from our weekends.

I am a senior software engineer, author, speaker, blogger and teacher. Many people think I am different or I am special. However, the truth is that I am a simple person with lots of weaknesses and limitations. God’s grace, help from a lot of people and little bit of hard work is what made me what I am now (btw I am still struggling in lots of areas :)).

I believe I can use my weaknesses to the advantage of others who has weaknesses and limitations. My effectiveness in teaching, speaking or authoring has come from my ongoing struggle with my weaknesses and limitations. My interest for teaching and learning however had started from my professor mother who took her PhD in Economics at the age of 50.

Heartin Kanikathottu