Drupal 8 Cpanel Migration Checklist

You may want to migrate your site for various reasons, including plan expiry, migrating for offer etc. For instance many hosting providers give you offers for only first year. You may want to migrate to a new plan with offer at the end of first year to avail the offer again.

These are the basic steps you may have to do while migrating your Drupal site from one server to another.

  1. Migrate your Drupal website

  2. Create/migrate email addresses or forwarders

Content types in Drupal 8 - Basic, Article, Blog, Book and Custom content types

Drupal is a content management system. So what is a content? Content is what the user see. This page, which you are reading is a content. 


Creating and publishing content

First, you need to create your content and publish it. Then it will be visible to other users.

To create a content, go to Content > Add Content and select the content type you need to create (e.g. Basic Page). 

Introduction to Drupal 8 modules and themes


Installing Drupal 8 using Acquia Dev Desktop Installer

Acquia Dev Desktop is the fastest way to set up and run Drupal for local development on your Mac or Windows PC. It's a XAMP stack (or DAMP stack) installer, providing a full Drupal-specific stack that includes Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

Drupal 8 extended features

You can extend the core functionalities provided by Drupal by installing modules. This is just some of the common features and is neither a complete list nor a significant portion of the complete list.

Drupal 8 - Introduction and Basic Features

Inserting Images Within Text in Drupal

By default you can add images to your page (either before body or after based on how you have configured the order. How can we insert an image within body.

Insert module can help.


  1. You need to install the module and enable it.

  2. Enable insert button and configuration by going to the fields setting for the content type (e.g. blog).


Read This First - Important Tips For Exam Preparation

There are many overlap between the topics for the exams AWS Certified Developer Associate and AWS Certified Architect Associate. While some people consider Developer Associate easier, others consider Architect Associate easier. While Architect Associate focuses more on decision making (which service or feature should I chose), Developer Associate focuses on APIs and features as is. While Developer Associate focuses more on DynamoDB, Architect Associate focuses on RDS more. Many other topics such as IAM, S3, EC2 and VPC are mostly common.

AWS Dev and Management Tools

  1. Each account is limited to a maximum of 200 stacks. Can contact AWS for any changes. There are no limits to the number of templates.

  2. CF Template, Parameter, Output, and Resource description fields are limited to 4096 characters.

  3. You can include up to 60 parameters and 60 outputs in a CF template.

  4. Standard EC2 monitoring by CloudWatch is 5 minutes.

AWS VPC and Networking Quick Notes (Numbers)

  1. NAT Gateways can auto scale upto 10 Gbps.

  2. Flow logs per single network interface, single subnet, or single VPC in a region = 2

  3. VPCs per region = 5

  4. Elastic IP addresses per region = 5

  5. Egress-only Internet gateways per region = 5

  6. Internet gateways per region = 5